Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Breakup + The 6x8 Project Life Plan

Last week I decided to break up...with my daily blog schedule.

Oh, it was nice and structured and ensured that new content appeared here every day, but lately I'd started to realize that it no longer inspired me. I'm a one-chick show here, and, since I have a full-time job, blogging is simply a hobby. It's a hobby that grew out of my love for photography and scrapbooking (and of course, Star Wars!), but lately it's been threatening to take over all of the above. I have a tiny window of time each day for my hobbies, and over the last few months I've noticed that I would want to scrapbook a layout or play with paints or any number of crafty things...and then I'd stop and remember that I needed to write a new blog post for the day. By the time that post was finished, guess what? My crafty time would either be very short or gone altogether- not good!

So on Thursday I made a decision to simply not post Friday Favorites the next day or Geek Girl on Sunday (and really, to just not worry about posting on my blog at all), just to see how things went for me with that little bit of reclaimed hobby time. Almost immediately, I knew I'd made the right call. And I mean the right call! I was on fire getting things done this weekend, both in the house (dude, my attic is looking awesome!) and in the scrap room. And, instead of scrapbooking just so I'd have something to blog, I found myself scrapbooking just for fun (which is the point of it, afterall!) without worrying about how I would frame it in a post.

I also found myself snapping photos for Instagram more than usual, pinning on Pinterest a little more, and, wouldn't you know it, I even felt like recording a video last night. One of the projects that I started this weekend was to finally nail down a process for my 6x8 Project Life album for 2014 (it's only March, right?), and, when I started to put it together, I had no intention of blogging or sharing it. When I was finished, though, I started to think that it would make a fun, short video, and that simply flipping on the camera to share my new process would be a lot easier than taking gobs of photos, editing them, uploading, and then trying to format them into a post.



And thus the new "online me." is born. I'm abandoning my daily blog schedule from now on for the sake of my sanity creativity. I'll still be posting here, but less frequently and only as I'm inspired to do so (or need to for a design team). Instead of letting a blog schedule drive my content, I'm reversing things and going back to a time when I was posting projects I made instead of making projects to post. I'll probably be using some other social media sites a little more, and if you like you can follow me on my Instagram account and over on Pinterest, which will hopefully help take the place of Friday Favorites (I've even got a Geeky board for those who loved the Geek Girl posts).

I'm not sure what form this blog will take in the future- I'm thinking maybe some of the usual scrapbooking content sprinkled with the occasional roundup post of my favorite recent pins on Pinterest, photos from Instagram, etc., but I don't want to commit to anything remotely resembling a schedule. My only plan right now is to not have a plan because, to be honest, my last plan had me considering simply shutting my blog down altogether last week- I was that stressed about it. For me, right now, freedom is key, and that's what I'm getting back to!