Sunday, March 2, 2014

Geek Girl - March 2, 2014

The geek community has been filled with much sadness this week after the passing of beloved author Aaron Allston. Among his many published works are some of my personal favorites- the Wraith Squadron series of novels- and I could always count on his books to be entertaining, well thought out, and downright funny. I don't know how many times I've laughed out loud while reading his books, and I'm glad for the chance to have met him at Star Wars Celebration VI.

As expected, there has been an outpouring of sadness and remembrance across the fandom community. Club Jade has posted their own thoughts, as well as rounded up posts from others.

I almost decided to cancel this week's Geek Girl roundup, but I think that Aaron would have wanted the geek to go on.

Yub yub, Mr. Allston. This roundup is for you.

gg march 2

From the top left:

  • We've already seen Star Wars couture from Rodarte New York Fashion Week, and now design house Preen has debuted their own line at London Fashion Week.
  • In perhaps the weirdest, and yet most magical mashup ever, the My Little Ponies have met Daleks. Rainbow Dash is shown above, and you can see the entire lineup if you click through the link.
  • Disney has announced the lineup for 2014's Star Wars weekends, and, sadly, the Hyerspace Hoopla (which I was so looking forward to actually being able to see in person this year) has been cancelled. They have added a fifth weekend, though, so if you'll be at Disney later in June and want to swing by, you have some extra time now.
  • Lego has revealed their new Ghostbusters building set.
  • Yes, it's true- we will be getting a sequel to Dr. Horrible! Does this mean that Nathan Fillion will reprise standing on top of buses while singing?
  • This mini museum containing, among other things, tiny bits of mummy wrap, coal from the Titanic, and a piece of the Apollo 11 command module. It's just a Kickstarter project for now, but there are only a few sponsorship spots remaining and they've collected nearly $1 million dollars of their original $38K goal. 
  • The availability of the final "missing season" of the Clone Wars has been solved. Netflix will have exclusive rights to the rest of series and will begin streaming episodes on March 7.
  • Jeffrey Brown, author of Vader and Son and Vader's Little Princess is working on the next book in the series- Goodnight Darth Vader. Look for this installment in June.
  • A recent piece on BuzzFeed replaces previous Doctor Who actors with American counterparts, with sometimes hilarious results.