Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Workspace Wednesday - Project Life Card Dividers

I think I'm going to like Workspace Wednesdays- they'll give me a weekly kick in the pants to get moving on some of those little projects I've been wanting to do in my scrap room!

This week I decided to tackle making dividers for my Project Life card storage. I mostly sort cards by color (there are a few sub-categories, but I'll share that another week when I finally have them all sorted), and up until now they were all lined up in Atonius inserts from IKEA with one color group running into the next and nothing between them.


At first my plan was to cut dividers from cardstock on my Silhouette, but then I had a better idea- make them out of wood!- which is a job best left to my laser cutter. It was also a chance for me to make something for myself with it for a change! I was so excited when I first bought it because it meant that, along with doing cuts for others, I could cut anything I wanted out of wood, but can you guess how many things I've made for myself before this project? That would be a big, fat zero. Time to fix that!


I used the tab card from this cut file set by Elle's Studio as my base and edited the SVG to remove the text and make the dividers just a bit taller so they'd stand up above the 3x4 cards. Yes, I can cut pretty much any SVG file that works with the Silhouette on the laser. :)


I'll probably do something similar for the 4x6 cards, eventually, but for now I'm just happy to be getting the 3x4s in order. It's much less overwhelming (not to mention faster) for me to find the cards I need when they're sorted like this.


Workspace Wednesdays are inspired by Marcy Penner's post series, where she shares glimpses into her creative space and invites other crafters to do the same.