Sunday, February 23, 2014

Geek Girl - February 23, 2013

Hola, and happy Sunday, geeklings!

I'm a bit wiped after yesterday's IKEA trip- 4.5 hours of driving one way, lots time in the store, and I think than 80% of Ohio decided to shop there on the same day, to boot! We still managed to get everything we were after, but today Mom and I are just a bit tired. :)

The geek goes on, though, as always, and, in addition to today's roundup, you'll find a 49 page preview of the upcoming Han Solo standalone novel, Honor Among Thieves, over at Random House (click on the "Look Inside" button below the image of the book cover).  It's been quite a while since I had a new Star Wars book to read, so I'm looking forward to this novel's March 4 release.

gg feb 231

From the top left:

Tonight's video is a long-ish one,  but absolutely amazing to watch as Adam Savage (of Mythbusters fame) builds a replica of Han Solo's blaster.