Sunday, January 5, 2014

Geek Girl - January 5, 2014

While January 1st was officially Sherlock Day for the UK, those of us in the US are stuck waiting until the 19th for the much-anticipated third season of the show. In the meantime, the BBC quietly released a mini episode on Christmas Eve that will have to tide me over until PBS/Masterpiece Classic picks up the series Stateside.

At least we have Downton Abbey to tide us over until the Sherlock-y fun begins! Now, on with this week's picks...

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From the top left:
  • I am completely smitten with Treno Nights on Etsy. The selection of charms is amazing and includes the doctors as shown on the charm bracelet above. My personal favorite? The terrifyingly adorable weeping angel.
  • Winnie the Pooh becomes Jabba the Hutt in this too cute for words artwork by Kenny Durkin.
  • Bit Rebels featured a set of 50 Lego scenes- one for each state depicting its most famous stereotype.
  • George Takei (of Star Trek fame) has become one of the latest celebrities with his own perfume fragrance- Eau My.
  • This Big Bang Theory inspired birthday party was featured on Amy Atlas' blog.
  • Some geeks with PhDs have come up with a probable explanation for how the TARDIS could actually work. Nerd Approved has the non-physicist version along with a link to the in-depth technical paper.
  • I've never ordered cookies from Etsy, but there are certainly some cool ones- like these Star Wars sweets- available!
  • When Geeks Wed rounded up some of the best geekiest rings available.
  • These How To Train Your Dragon cupcakes are seriously too cute for words. The dragon has its tongue stuck out, people!! 
This week's video pick is an absolutely gorgeous violin remake of some of the music from Legend of Zelda, played by the talented Taylor Davis.