Sunday, January 19, 2014

Geek Girl - January 19, 2013

We had a close call here at Casa de Geek Girl when I realized I'd forgotten to set the Tivo up to record the first episode of Sherlock tonight! Ironically, we'd just finished watching Thursday's episode of Elementary (because heaven forbid I should have to watch anything in real-time) when I discovered my mistake, but PBS has come to my rescue with a re-airing occurring sometime shortly before 2am tomorrow. Situation handled, case closed, and tomorrow night we'll be watching the newly recorded goodness with a fire in the fireplace and all other manner of coziness.

There is, of course, lots of geeky news out there beyond my own personal non-emergencies, so let's get to this week's roundup!

gg jan 19

From the top left:

Tonight's video pick is an adorable and hilarious video by Air New Zealand, reminding up all that Middle Earth is closer than we think.