Saturday, January 4, 2014

Friday Favorites, A Bit Late!

For the first time in a very long time, I missed getting my Friday Favorites posted on schedule! Normally I have these ready at least a week or so in advance, but with the Christmas holidays I got a bit behind, and then on Friday afternoon life just sort of exploded. Nothing really major, just lots of little things that added up to more cumulative frustration than I usually deal with on a daily basis.

It started with a visit to the doctor's office, which was all well and good and routine, but they pointed out to me that my driver's license had expired...last week! After I got all that squared away, I settled in to work from home while waiting on UPS to deliver a quite-critical business shipment, which never arrived. Oh, it said it was out for delivery, and the UPS driver did sort of stutter his brakes as he drove past our house at 8:30pm, but I have a feeling he just decided not to deliver it (Darren had a non-critical Amazon order that went through the same UPS tracking cycle yesterday), and now it's locked away in a UPS facility and I can't have it until Monday, leaving me without some needed materials to work with this weekend.

So, yeah, that's what Brown has done for me lately.

There were a few other things that happened yesterday that drove me batty, but on the flip side I did get both sets of my business cards designed and cut (yes, they are wood!) and found ways to be productive today even without the expected fresh infusion of raw materials. And I wrote a metric ton of code for my "real" job, too! Writing code- it's my happy place. :)

But enough rambling- today is a much better today (and if I'm being honest, yesterday wasn't that bad, just full of first-world problems), and I've got a set of picks ready to go! The first roundup of 2014 includes lots of ideas and resources for getting organized, so let's get started!

ff jan 4

From the top left:

  • I'm definitely in love with my "new" pegboard in my scrap space, and SF Girl By Bay has a roundup of even more great pegboard ideas to help get you organized.
  • Tracy Larsen is switching over to a digital Project Life format this year and wrote a post explaining her process and the tools she's using.
  • I absolutely love this little shared crafting and playroom space at the top of a stair landing, featured on the Cocoa Daisy blog.
  • There are quite a few printable calendars in this week's roundup, and I'll start those off with these scrap-able printables by Els Brige.
  • This post by Ruth Bonser actually popped up over a month ago, and somehow I never included it before now! I love her example of taking a regular layout sketch and using it to create a Memory File.
  • Kasia (aka Worqshop) is always super inspiring, and this week she's got a free "balance" planner that you can download.
  • I love this star-filled (oh, the constellations!) free printable calendar at The Style Files.
  • You can get this free printable calendar in either black and white or color from The Tomkat Studio.
  • And, if you'd like to browse even more free planners and calendars, you'll definitely want to check out this roundup post at Heart Handmade UK.