Thursday, December 19, 2013

Yeti Stamp + Shrink Plastic + Mason Jar = Adorable Snow Globe!

Oh, how I do love all of the mason jar snowglobes that I've been spotting on blogs and around Pinterest! They're so cute, quick, and easy to make, and when Lawn Fawn and Scrapbook Adhesives teamed up for a week of projects over on the Lawn Fawn blog, I decided to try something just a little different to make a snowglobe of my own.



I love, love, love Lawn Fawn's Yeti, Set, Go stamp set and had an idea to stamp one and cut it out to build a little scene in a jar, but the Yeti was a little too big to fit inside. womp, womp

Then I remembered a video that I watched not too long ago that used shrink plastic with stamps, and my Michaels just happened to have some Shrinky Dinks plastic sheets in stock! Yes, that would be the same shrink material that I used as a kid- so cool!


Shrinky Dink plastic can be heated quickly with an embossing tool, and when it's finished the piece is one third the original size and nine times as thick- it goes from a flimsy sheet to a really sturdy little piece of plastic in under a minute! I've placed the finished pieces next to the original stamps in the photo below so you can see the size difference.


Stamping on shrink plastic is really easy, you just need to use the proper type of ink. Staz-On ink will dry instantly, or you can use Archival ink (which is what I happened to have available) as long as you let it dry for a while before handling it. I stamped both the Yeti and a lamp post (hey, I was feeling a bit Narnia...) and trimmed them out before shrinking them down, leaving just a bit of extra plastic on the bottom of each to help adhere to them to the base of the snowglobe.


While at Michaels I also picked up a couple of packs of these tiny trees, and to bring the one above up to the proper height (so it would show over the band of the mason jar's lid), I stuck a stack of Scrapbook Adhesives foam squares to the base.


The shrink plastic pieces were a bit trickier to adhere, but in the end a pair of little pieces of paper straw and lots of hot glue helped keep them in place. Once the hot glue was dry, I partially filled the jar with some fake snow (from a box I bought long ago at a clearance sale at Anthropologie) then screwed the lid in place.


I have a few more mason jars and lots more little trees (plus more snow- I swear I think that box refills itself when I'm not looking!), and I'm definitely going to have to make more of these this year. They are so fun and easy!