Thursday, December 26, 2013

This Month in My Scrap Room : December 2013

This Month in My Scrap Room is based a regular series of posts by Sue Althouse, who graciously allowed me to use her idea on my own blog. Each month you'll find me documenting the little (and big) things that I'm working on to make my scrapbooking space more efficient so I can spend less time looking for things and more time playing with paper!

After last month's adventures in tearing my scrap room apart and building a massive new work table, I was happy to settle in and just use the room for a while. I did take some time, though, with Darren's help, to get my pegboard set up!


I've looked at tons of washi tape storage solutions including the Washi Wheel and using a thread spool rack. Nothing looked as easy and as space-saving, though, as the dowel solution I ran across on Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom. I already had a piece of pegboard that we moved with us from our old house, so it was a fairly cost-effective install, too.


Darren picked up some 1/2" dowels from Home Depot and used a drill press to bore holes in the end of the dowels so they'd attach nicely to the 2" straight hooks that I picked up at Harbor Freight. The rods can be easily removed if needed, though it's pretty easy to just pull a length off of the roll right on the rack!


I have a few tape spools with narrower centers, including my American Crafts Glitter Tape and the little tape spools that come in the Citrus Twist Pocket Life Kits. To mount those, Darren picked up some narrower dowels and then cut small pieces of the larger diameter to use as end pieces to hold them in place. He's a genius with the drill press!


I hadn't originally planned to store my baker's twine on the pegboard, but the narrow little dowels are also perfect for stringing up a row of the little shipping tags that I wrap my twine around.


I'm still hanging things up on my new/old pegboard (and wondering why I have so much pink washi!), but I'm already finding that I'm using the tape more now that it's out and visible. And since it's on the back of the scrap room door, it's not really taking up any extra room- win-win!

I don't have any major plans for January in the scrap room. CHA will be taking up a lot of my time, but I am looking forward to consolidating some things. For the past year I've had to keep two separate stashes- my normal supplies, and then the supplies that were still in stock at Two Peas. Having to separate the two took up some extra space and made it difficult to find items, and I'm looking forward to streamlining everything now that my term with them is complete.

What about you guys? Any big plans for your scrapping space in the new year?