Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sushi in the Book Room - Citrus Twist Kits Layout

Christmas Eve. For us it means carols at church, dinner with Darren's family...and sushi for lunch!

I'm not sure when we started that tradition, but it's something that we look forward to every year now. Maybe a little too much since we started talking about it several weeks ago! Today's layout isn't specifically about sushi on Christmas Eve, but it did seem fitting for me to post about one of our favorite foods as we're getting ready to go out and enjoy it again!


This was one of the last pages that I made with my December kits from Citrus Twist, and it's one where I mixed in little pieces of all the kits and add-ons. I love doing that after I've finished my main kit only page, and it's a lot of fun to have a big pile of products to work with, even if some of them aren't really meant to go together.


I started this page with a big block of the triangle print paper from American Crafts' Autumn Crisp collection, found in the Add-On kit. As I worked on my photo arrangement and adding in embellishments, though, the page started looked more and more busy. I thought about taking the paper out and using something else instead, but I really liked the small pops of purple that worked well with the purple books in one of my pictures. The answer? Vellum! As soon as I layered vellum over that busy paper, everything fell into place. I still had little bits of purple showing through, but the patterned paper wasn't screaming for attention any more.


I had to improvise with the title a bit since one of the alphas was accidentally left out of my kit box. It worked out wonderfully, though, because I ended up pulling out a set of Amy Tangerine stitching templates instead, and I absolutely love how it looks!


We're off to celebrate our Christmas Eve now. I hope that you and your loved ones have blessed and joyful holidays!