Sunday, December 15, 2013

Geek Girl - December 15, 2013

As we move ever closer to Geekmas, more and more little tidbits are surfacing about two big premieres- the Doctor Who Christmas Special, and the return of Benedict Cumberbatch in Series 3 of Sherlock. A new, longer trailer for the former and the first trailer for the latter were released this week, and they look amazing!

We've also been treated to a slew of promotional images for The Time of the Doctor, including an awesome set of posters, and in Sherlock news, the air date (1.1.14) was announced in a most suitable fashion.

And in non-BBC news, Disney and Paramount have reached an agreement on the Indiana Jones properties. As long as any subsequent movies are not as bad as that fourth one, I can live with it.

Christmas has also finally hit the geeky blogosphere full force, and tonight's roundup is full of merry goodness!

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From the top left:

I have just one more video to share tonight- a tutorial showing how to dress up your nails, Star Wars Christmas sweater style.