Sunday, December 1, 2013

Geek Girl - December 1, 2013

It's only the first of December, but it feels like both Star Wars and Doctor Who fans alike have been given an early Christmas with the wealth of news, teasers, trailers, and special episodes that have been released lately. Tonight's roundup includes a few more tidbits in that vein, including book, movie, and video game news!

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From the top left:

  • The next book in the Star Wars Empire and Rebellion series officially has a title and cover art! Due out on March 4, Honor Among Thieves will center around Han Solo. With a title like that, who else could it be?
  • The BBC is reporting that R2-D2 has been confirmed for the new Star Wars sequel trilogy, and that this time around the little robot will be a fan-built model! There are some seriously talented R2 builders in the Star Wars community, so this is exciting news!
  • The post-Thanksgiving shopping season has brought Santa Maul out of hibernation over at Club Jade. He's always hilarious and also quite helpful when it comes to shopping for the geeks in your life, and I recommend checking out the posts as they come out this season!
  • This 1/3 scale model TARDIS was built entirely out of Legos!
  • If you're a fan of both Candy Crush and Doctor Who, then you should definitely check out the new Doctor Who: Legacy game that was released for Android and iOS this week. It combines a Bejeweled-like puzzle game with turn-based action, and has beautiful graphics to boot!
  • Speaking of Doctor Who, the first official images along with the episode name for the upcoming Christmas special have been released. The Time of the Doctor will officially be Matt Smith's last episode on the series and will introduce the new incarnation, played by Peter Capaldi.
  • I think I need this "Don't Blink" bracelet from Emery Drive's Etsy shop.
  • One of Think Geek's newest and cutest items is this R2-D2 car charger. It plugs into the cigarette lighter and has USB ports to charge your gadgets while on the go.
  • This super cute Star Wars/Doctor Who mashup artwork was featured recently on Epbot, and while it's not available for sale yet, Jen is trying to convince the artist to offer prints.
This week's video pick is perhaps the most epic wedding cake ever. Instead of fashioning embellishments out of fondant and gum paste, the cake designer chose to project video game images onto the cake, to a rather mesmerizing effect!