Sunday, November 24, 2013

Geek Girl - November 24, 2014

After an unexpected trip out of town yesterday and an awesome (pre-planned) visit by my parents today to help me build the most awesome craft desk ever, Darren and I finally had the chance to settle in and watch the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special. I won't post an spoilers here, but I did happen across this tiny deleted scene on YouTube that shouldn't give any of the plot away.

In a few weeks, once the iTunes and DVR crowd (that I'm definitely part of) has a chance to catch up, I'll definitely let loose with some G----------------------..errr, wait, I can't say that just yet! But here's a roundup of things that I can talk about- enjoy!

gg nov 24

From the top left:

And, if the lead-up to the 50th anniversary special wasn't enough, the BBC has also released the first peek at the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special- Matt Smith's last adventure at the helm of the TARDIS.