Thursday, October 3, 2013

Simple Stories Snap Road Trip Album with I Heart Summer

It goes in phases around here- I'll make a bunch of layouts, I'll make a bunch of Project Life pages, and sometimes I'll even make a mini album or two. And not only do they seem to get made in batches, but thanks to timing beyond my control they sometimes get posted in batches, too! And that, my friends, is the very long-winded explanation for why I who rarely make mini albums have two of them up on the blog in the same week.


Today I'm sharing the start of my summer road trip album, housed in a 6x8 Sn@p binder and using the I Heart Summer collection from Simple Stories. I wrote a little about this trip the week after we got back, and for a massive two-week adventure with thousands of accompanying photos I'm really trying to pare things down and just get the main parts of the story told here so that it all fits in one binder. I'm sure I'll make lots and lots of traditional layouts using more of the photos from this vacation, but I want to get this album done so that we have a "short version" laying around that we can flip through.




I've only finished about a third of the album so far, but what I have done has gone super quickly thanks to a combination of Sn@p divided page protectors and using Lightroom's print module to make little photo collages, just like I do for my Project Life albums.



I'm mixing in some of the actual memorabilia from our trip and using 6x8 Sn@p pages to hold all the goodies in place. And, since my pocket pages are so photo heavy, the 6x8 pages are a great place to add some extra embellishments and titles.










I am so in love with small albums like this now, and I like that the 6x8 (and other binders with a similar format) size makes it so doable to pull out the album and do a page or two quickly if I just have a few minutes to scrap. I'll be keeping the rest of my I Heart Summer supplies together and storing them with the album until the project is finished, and it'll be sitting on the same shelf as my still in-progress kitchen rennovation album (hey, the kitchen is still in-progress, too!), and my partially finished Week in the Life 2013 album. They're all perfect projects for grabbing and running out to a crop or packing in the car for a little bit of road trip scrapping. Love that!