Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Layout - Sea Turtles (Bella Blvd)

Sea turtles are sure to induce a squee or two out of me every time I see them, so when Darren and I walked into The Dig aquarium at Atlantis while on vacation a few years ago and sea turtles were one of the first things I spotted...yeah, major squee fest right there, totally in public. And I'm not ashamed to admit it.



I scrapped this layout many moons ago for Bella, and it's the second one I mentioned in this post where I explained the whole "not quite in the newsletter" bit that happened. I'm happy to have scrapped this layout, newsletter or no, because I had quite a lot of fun working with Bella's Sand + Surf collection and am so happy that they were kind enough to send it to me!


While working on this page, I just had fun piling up the layers and clustering the embellishments. I tend to flip back and forth between messy, hand-cut edges on paper layers and straight, clean cuts from my trimmer, and this page definitely uses the latter. I never can decide which I prefer, so I just go with whatever strikes my fancy that day and run with it.



When it comes down to it, this page was really just about having fun for me. I scrapped some photos that I liked without caring if anyone else would really consider them "scrap worthy," and I did my happy layering and clustering thing without worrying if the design would be "good enough." And, really, it's a great reminder that that's what I should be doing all the time!