Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cards for Hip Kits - Using the Scraps

I'm finally posting my final two projects for Hip Kits with their July kits, and it'll be a short one today since it's a set of cards!

I had already finished the requested four layouts and two of the four cards Kimberly asked for before I made these, and I was pretty much down to scraps left from the kit at this point! I also had several sheets of colored cardstock left since I don't often use it for layout backgrounds, so I cut two card bases out and got to work.


I made these cards in parallel, doing each step to each card in turn until both were finished. I started by drawing outlines around both in white pen to define the edges, then cut sentiments from paper scraps using Lain Lamb's Document It: Celebrate dies from My Favorite Things.

Things started to diverge when I began adding paper scraps to fill in the rest of the space. The "Celebrate" card got the circle punch treatment while I used strips, some cut with banner ends, on "Good Times." I chose different color schemes for each, too, going more girly on the first and a little more masculine on the second.

I rummaged through the few brads and buttons I had left over from the kit to finish everything off, and I love the results!


Though both of these cards started out using the same process, they turned out to be completely different from each other. You definitely don't have to sacrifice creativity for efficiency!