Sunday, September 8, 2013

Geek Girl - September 8, 2013

Hola, and happy Sunday, fellow geeklings!

Computer issues nearly waylaid today's Geek Girl posting, but I think that I finally have the Mac back under control. Tonight's roundup is another Minion takeover, though there are a couple of non-Minion posts to round things out. Enjoy!

gg sep 8

From the top left:
  • Katie at Punk Projects is a super talented artist, and lately she's been taking lots of orders for Minion-filled custom shoes! Click through the link to check out all the different styles, and you can order your own, too, if you'd like!
  • There are a couple of Minion mashups in this week's roundup, including a Star Trek version.
  • Want to turn yourself into a Minion? Learn how to make this super easy and quick costume at Joy Bobo.
  • Punk Projects is back on the list again this week with a fantastic DIY Minion phone case tutorial.
  • Petals to Picots has a crochet pattern for a sweet Minion pencil case.
  • Swerving away from all things Minionesque at the moment, I thought these Plants vs. Zombies lawn ornaments were a timely share, seeing as how Darren and I are both currently addicted to the newest version of the game.
  • In need of a geeky bookcase? This AT-AT version would be perfect for any kid's (or adult's- hey, I'm talking to you, bro!) playroom.
  • This sweet (every pun intended) Minion cake was featured at Nerdalicious.
  • And, the pinnacle of Minion mashups this week? Sherlock + Minions = others need not apply.

Tonight's video is also full of Minion-y goodness. Sit back and watch as The Pastryarch shows you how to make Minion cupcakes!