Sunday, September 1, 2013

Geek Girl - September 1, 2013

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From the top left:

  • These concrete Death Star vases from Homemade Modern come complete with DIY instructions!
  • I never tire of all the awesome geeky wedding bands out there, and this C-3P0 inspired one is a great example of turning a sci-fi icon into stylish jewelry. 
  • Learn how to make these awesome pixelated cards at Our Change of Art.
  • Honeycat cookies baked up these amazing Avengers cookies, featured at Nerdalicious.
  • Pac Man, Mario, and Link team up to make one awesome wedding cake. Seriously, where were all of these fantastic geeky wedding ideas when I was planning mine?!?
  • This integrated circuit comb, found at Fashionably Geek, takes me straight back to my college days, where I spent many an hour in the lab building circuits on breadboards.
  • This Hobbit inspired birthday party at Tikkido is filled with lots of great little creative details.
  • In a funny bit of news, Police Officers in Thailand who are found guilty of breaking the rules may be being made to wear a Hello Kitty armband on their uniforms!
  • Each and every one of these adorable Muppet Lego minifigures is a custom build!
And, in today's video share, a new trailer for Angry Birds Star Wars 2 has surfaced: