Monday, August 5, 2013

project life with two peas : august 2013

It's time again for my monthly contribution to the Project Life video series over at Two Peas, and this month I once again went back to some of the topic requests made in this thread on the forum. Since I covered ways to include extra photos on a weekly layout in June, I thought that going in the opposite direction and talking about weeks without many photos would be perfect for this month. With summer here and everyone's schedules being crazy busy, you may find that you forget to take photos or are just not feeling the love for your camera during a given week, and that is so not a reason to panic about your Project Life page. In fact, it can make it more fun!

project life 2011 august 28 september 3.jpg


This layout goes in my 2011 Project Life album, and it was a few weeks after CHA and my niece's first birthday, plus Ali Edwards' Week in the Life project, and I was more than a little burned out on taking pictures. I found plenty to fill the pockets, though, by using some of those gorgeous filler cards that I never seem to have space for and also by enlarging a photo and then cutting it up to fit the pockets. I did a similar thing with a large photo on this layout.

In my video I also share ideas for other things you can include on your Project Life page if you're short on photos, and you can watch the whole thing right here.






I'm starting to run a bit short on topics to cover from that thread, so if you have any requests for something you'd like to see in a Project Life video, feel free to leave a comment and let me know! And if there aren't any burning questions, then I'll happily make layouts and videos for the fun of it for the rest of the year. :)