Monday, August 19, 2013

Project Life 2013 Week 10 with Elle's Studio

A little over a week ago I had the honor of guest designing for Elle's Studio, and my blog has been so busy since then that I'm just now able to start posting those layouts here! Actually, this place is going to be hopping for a good while now as I've already got posts scheduled (not all scrapped- I'm not that with it- but at least on the books) through the end of September! Hopefully that'll give me some lead time to work on some of my favorite features, like Back to the Future, along with starting to get my Christmas journal prepped. I'm thinking that with just 15 minutes here or there and a partially completed album ready to go before the season starts, I might actually finish one of those this year! Famous last words and all that.

So, back to those Elle's Studio layouts! I'll start things off with my Week 10 Project Life spread, which is incidentally the first layout I made after my box of goodies arrived.

project life 2013 week 10.jpg


This week was filled with freezer cooking, hiding from the cold weather (mostly in the gym), eating ice cream despite said cold weather, and just a touch of taking really embarrassing photos of myself while at the salon. I think I was getting just a bit stir crazy waiting for spring to arrive! And admit it, everyone's hair looks crazy while the color is setting!


I loved, loved, loved the bright colors in the Cameron and Saltwater collections that Elle's sent to me, and I made sure to include plenty of them here. I didn't need much to finish this off after I was finished adding the tags and tidbits- just a star shaped paper clip from Two Peas and a few enamel dots, and it was finished!





I've got another guest design spot to post on the blog tomorrow that I'm super excited about, and I'm clearing time to get it posted early enough because part of it is Week in the Life related! I'll be back tomorrow with all of those details. Until then, have an awesome day!