Monday, August 26, 2013

Project Life 2011 - July 3-9 with Capture by Basic Grey

This week's Project Life layout is another entry for my 2011 album. And the reason I went back to 2011? Because I was running out of printed photos for 2013!

project life 2011 july 3-9.jpg


Between a graduation, a few birthdays, some holidays and a massive vacation I let my photo editing get out of hand for a while, but I'm happy to say that I just sent off a massive print order that will catch up all but two weeks of my 2013 Project Life printing, along with the rest of 2011. And those straggling two weeks are the vacation photos that I'm still working through- there are so many! 

I don't worry about keeping my Project Life albums caught up, but I do like to have several weeks' worth of photos on hand so I can choose the ones that I most want to work with at any given time. Luckily these photos from 4th of July week a couple of years ago were a great match for some of the products that Basic Grey sent over for my guest design spot with them last week!


Looking back at these photos reminded me of some of the things I loved doing two years ago and gave me a little push to make sure I do some of them again before the summer season slips by completely. We've already crossed one item off the list- takeout from Mei Wei. We hadn't eaten there in a long, long time, but that photo brought back memories of their awesome lemon pepper shrimp, and a couple evenings later Darren ran out to pick some up for us. Burn Notice and Chinese food- I really can't ask for a better evening than that!


I loved, loved, loved mixing up several Basic Grey collections on this page- there's a bit of Capture and some Carte Postale, and though each of the lines and waterfall packs has its own theme and color scheme, it all has the same feel that helps it hang so well together. And I know I keep talking about how much I love all the new Basic Grey releases, but, seriously, yum!




A big bonus of having my Project Life printing caught up is that it means all of my photo editing is also done for that same time period, making choosing and printing photos for traditional layouts a breeze. I'm in the middle of getting that particular print order together now, and there's nothing like a fresh infusion of new photos to make me want to get scrapping!