Thursday, August 29, 2013

Layout - Anyone Home? (Hip Kits)

I made lots of projects with the July kits from Hip Kits, and since the owner, Kimberly, is awesomely laid-back about deadlines and posting things to her blog (seriously, she rocks at keeping things uncomplicated), you'll be seeing more of those layouts and cards here over the next several weeks.

Today's layout proves that not everyone is a conch whisperer.

Maybe I should back up and tell the whole story...but first, here's the layout.


So, the story goes a little something like this. One fall day in October, AirTran had a little overbooking problem that resulted in Darren and I getting not one, but two sets of round trip tickets good for any of their destinations, including the international ones. We ended up using them for vacations in Nassau and then Aruba, a mere 6 weeks or so apart. And I added the bit about the tickets being comps because we do not usually get to travel that much- this was a very special case!

The two back-to-back trips are important because on the first, in Nassau, one of the locals picked up a conch and showed us how to get the little critter to come out by holding the shell upside down. While we were on trip number two in Aruba, Darren found a conch shell and tried to same trick, but unfortunately didn't have any luck with it. The conch was definitely in there, and we could see the foot squishing around a bit as it moved inside the shell, but it was feeling a tad antisocial that day and refused to come out and greet us.

Seriously, these are the sorts of things that amuse us on vacation.




With the end of August rapidly approaching, meaning Fall is just around the corner, this is the time of year that I find myself starting to wish for another tropical vacation! Normally I don't make it through the month of October without booking one...we'll see how I hold up this year! :)