Sunday, August 11, 2013

geek girl | august 11, 2013

Hola and happy Sunday, geeklings!

So, did anyone else jump online and buy Star Wars Celebration tickets when they went on sale last Wednesday? I admit that I felt more than just a teensy bit crazy buying passes for an event that's more than 600 days (and two whole Winter CHAs!) from now, but I wanted to make sure that I am there!

And, in honor of all things celebration related, this week's roundup is full of all kinds of geeky sweetness!

gg august 11

From the top left:
  • When Geeks Wed not only posted this brilliant TARDIS cake, but also some behind the scenes photos showing how it was made!
  • You shall not these Lord of the Rings cupcakes, because they look too pretty to eat!
  • The movie Up! made me cry (don't tell Darren). But these Up! cupcakes? They totally make me smile!
  • Thank goodness these sushi themed donuts don't actually taste like sushi!
  • These Doctor Who cookies featured on Nerdalicious totally rock, and not just because they feature my beloved 10th Doctor. 
  • These pirhana plant cake pops are the first of two Mario Bros. themed sweets in today's picks.
  • And this amazing Mario cake is the second!
  • I know that the cake is a lie, but are these Portal cookies real?
  • Hostess With the Mostess shared photos of this awesome chemistry inspired party, just perfect to celebrate your budding nerdling's next birthday.
Today's video is even sweetly themed- check out this cute little clip of a Death Star trench run...through a cake!

Death Star Cake (:34) from Homer Liwag on Vimeo.