Monday, July 8, 2013

project life at two peas | july 2013

After taking a little break from posting Project Life layouts after our vacation, I'm back today with two new weekly spreads!

Why two? Because this month in my video at Two Peas in a Bucket I decided to show some quick and easy ways to get Project Life layouts finished, and the first one was done so fast that I decided to add a second, as well!

Way back in April when I posted this thread asking for input on Project Life video topics, several people mentioned that they'd like some ideas for catching up on their albums, and lately there have been several other message board posts from scrappers who are feeling overwhelmed that they're so behind in their albums.

I thought that a couple of quick layouts would help give those scrappers some encouragement, but I also chimed in with my own personal philosophy on being caught up with Project Life, which is that I'm not, and I don't worry about it at all. I've blogged here a few times that I try to make sure that I stay relatively recent on having my photos edited and printed (and I'll admit that I'm about two months behind on even that right now!), but after that's done I treat my Project Life layouts just like any other scrapbook page. In fact, I actually like having several unfinished weeks at any given time, because that means I can decide which week's photos will work best with whatever supplies I happen to want to work with at the time. That's exactly how I work with my regular photos, too, and it totally takes the stress out of Project Life for me!

And because all of this "I don't care about being caught up" chatter isn't just empty talk, I actually went all the way back to my unfinished 2011 Project Life album when it was time to choose photos for this month's video.

The first layout is classic Project Life style- 7 horizontal photos, 7 journaling cards, a title card, and one decorative 3x4 card. Basic, easy, beautiful, and you absolutely don't need a Project Life core kit to do this. I simply worked with two journaling card sheets from Allison Kreft's Sweet Notes collection for Webster's Pages and added a tiny sprinkling of very basic embellishment after I'd added my journaling.

project life 2011 july 24-30.jpg






The second layout was inspired by that same thread that I mentioned earlier. One poster in particular had a great suggestion to scrap a layout with just 4x6 and 3x4 photos, but still embellish and use some fun supplies. Awesome idea, and the basis for my number one tip for fast Project Life layouts- no matter what size page protectors or pockets you're using, print your photos to a size that completely fills the pocket. You'll save time and energy on design for sure!

project life 2011 june 19-25.jpg






I also included several more tips for quick layouts both in the video and on the class lesson page at Two Peas. The biggest thing I hope that you'll take away from it all is that Project Life should be a no-stress endeavor, no matter how many weeks you have yet to scrap in your album!