Sunday, July 7, 2013

geek girl | july 7, 2013

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From the top left:

  • Semi Sweet Designs not only posted photos of these yummy looking Jabba the Hutt cookies, but they've also provided a free printable template, as well, should you have delusions of grandeur and wish to try making your own.
  • It looks like the Death Star will be the next GFFA vehicle to be immortalized in a Hayne's Workshop Manual. Roqoo Depot reports that the new edition should be available on November 5.
  • You can purchase this adorable crocheted Ewok hat from Mary Gavin's Etsy shop. 
  • Such a cute idea to make a TARDIS-themed jewelry box (insert bigger-on-the-inside joke here)! Available November 2013 from Entertainment Earth.
  • Speaking of adorable jewelry boxes, how could you say no to an engagement ring delivered in the world's cutest Wall-E box?
  • Geeky wedding photos are all the rage today, and I've got two to share in this week's roundup, starting with the T-Rex bridal party shot that you've probably seen everywhere.
  • As awesome as the T-Rex photo was, this shot of a bride Force-choking all the groomsmen stole my Star Wars loving heart. And if you're in the mood for more geeky engagement photos, When Geeks Wed has a post full of them here.
  • We've had an Ewok hat already in this week's roundup, so how about some Ewok sushi?
  • These squee-worthy Star Wars wedding cookies were a gift from the bride's friends to the happy couple.
This week's video had both my husband and I totally cracking up. Watch as Star Trek: Into Darkness actors try to determine if a name belongs in the Star Trek universe or on the pages of an IKEA catalog.