Sunday, July 14, 2013

geek girl july 14, 2013

Happy Sunday, geeklings!

I seem to have reached straight back into the 80s for part of this week's roundup- there's a fair amount of Rainbow Bright and My Little Pony scattered amongst the Star Wars and Doctor Who picks. Let's dive in and see what's waiting this week, shall we?

gg july 14

From the top left:

  • This post at io9 features Timothy Anderson's Star Wars-reimagined-as-pulp novel covers- humorous and well done!
  • It's official- you'll be able to build your very own Endor when the newest Lego Star Wars play set is available in September.
  • Katie at Punk Projects shows off her hand-drawn Despicable Me minion shoes.
  • How completely off the charts adorable is this Rainbow Brite and Twink cosplay?!?!?
  • Think Geek brings a touch of retro to bling with their My Little Pony necklaces.
  • This Doctor Who plot generator will spit out an episode synopsis that's at once completely absurd and totally believable as a Whovian storyline.
  • Is this where I admit that I had a Care Bears backpack as a child, and that this Rainbow Dash My Little Pony backpack kinda makes me want to carry a plushie around on my shoulders again? There's even a Dr. Whooves version!!
  • Love this series of movie posters switched around to feature Daleks.
  • Star Trek fans in the market for a new laptop might want to check out this Ultrabook model created to celebrate the release of Into Darkness.
And in this week's video pick- for some absolutely adorable original Doctor Who stories, visit the Hello Doctor Puppet YouTube channel. I've included episode 1 below, and there are several more available right now with more to come.