Tuesday, July 16, 2013

cousin time layout process video

Remember that process video that I said I'd filmed with this layout from my July gallery at Citrus Twist?





It's live now on the Citrus Twist YouTube channel!

I apologize for the dark cast to the film. I've just started using a Nikon D5100 to record my videos, and while I did set a proper manual exposure on it, it turns out that the D5100 simply throws all of those settings out the window when you start recording unless you have the AE-L button set to actually lock in the exposure and activated. It's completely counterintuitive and definitely not how my trusty D3 (which unfortunately does not do video) handles things, but now that I know how to work around the issue it'll be fixed going forward.

I've also purchased a new microphone (thank goodness that didn't give me any trouble this time!), and I'm hoping to voice more of my videos instead of setting them all to music. That'll be something that I do as time allows, so there's likely to be a mix of video types on my YouTube channel going forward. I'm definitely planning on posting over there more, though!