Monday, June 17, 2013

project life 2013 | week 19 {citrus twist kits)

Another Monday, another Project Life layout, this time with the June kits from Citrus Twist!

project life 2013 week 19.jpg

Week 19 marked the first full week of May. It's usually blazing hot (my favorite temperature, by the way!) by this point in time here in Alabama, but the weather was still doing its wacky weirdness and we kept having alternating days of slightly warm and slightly cool (note the fleece jacket worn by D in the bottom left photo) temperatures. By the end of the week there was definitely a warming trend, on, though- thank goodness!


As usual, I was able to capture little bits of this and that- lots of everyday things that wouldn't normally make it into my scrapbook albums. Like the Burn Notice tweet by Jeffrey Donovan, a random carnival in the mall parking lot across from the grocery store as I was running errands, and Darren opting to sit outside Michaels and read a book on his phone while I popped in to pick up some paint. Okay, that last one might eventually get its own page. :)


I also learned that I will indeed add layers to a Project Life layout from time to time. I usually avoid them to keep the albums from getting too bulky- I already produce about two and a half albums worth of Project Life layouts per year and do not want to make it three. Or 5! Layering a few flat items, like some thin stickers and a piece or two of patterned paper here and there doesn't really add too much. My rule of thumb is that anything chipboard thickness or less is good to go in my album. Thicker than that and I save it for a regular layout.




I've realized that I've been a bit remiss in sharing the Project Life sketches here that I've been putting together for Citrus Twist! Time to play a little catch-up, so here are the sketches for my June Project Life layout:


And also May (layout here)...


and April (layout here).


Happy Monday, everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by!