Sunday, June 2, 2013

geek girl | june 2, 2013

This week's Geek Girl roundup is full of Doctor Who and Star Wars, including a refrigerator redo that has me rethinking my choice of all stainless steel appliances in the house. There's also some stop-motion Lego fun with a James Bond twist to round out the mix.


gg june 2

From the top left:
  • Catch a fun Star Wars/Hitchhiker's Guide mashup on this t-shirt at Redbubble.
  • Disney Princesses meet The Doctor in the enchanting artwork of Karen Hallion.
  • The entire text of some rather epic novels is printed in it's entirety on these posters featured at Geekologie.
  • Four words. TARDIS. IKEA Shopping bag. My two favorite universes have finally collided over at Instructables.
  • Jeffrey Brown's followup to Vader and Son, Vader's Little Princess, has been out for several weeks now (and I'm seriously considering buying it for my toddler niece). Club Jade has closeups of the artwork if you'd like to see more.
  • Remember all those fantastic shaped pans that our birthday cakes were lovingly baked in when we were kids? Now there's a Stormtrooper version available, too!
  • For a more dimensional (and fondant-covered) geeky cake, check out this tower of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sweetness!
  • Turn any ordinary refrigerator into a TARDIS with this Doctor Who decal kit.
  • Terrariums are something of a trend in home decor at the moment, and geeks can get in on the action, too, as shown in this Endor version at Clawmarks in the Frozen Peas.
And, in tonight's video presentation, feast your eyes upon an awesome Lego stop-motion re-creation of the opening scene of Casino Royale.