Wednesday, May 15, 2013

project life page protector comparison : me and my big ideas (MAMBI)

I have one pet peeve about all of the Project Life-style page protectors that I've used so far- none of the pockets advertised as 3"x4" are actually that size. They've all been slightly smaller, meaning that I have to trim a sliver off of the side of a card to get it to fit.

This has been the case for the Becky Higgins products for a while, though to be fair the Project Life branded journaling cards are also a bit smaller than 3x4 and do fit into the page protector long as you bought the page protectors and cards in the same batch, since they've gone through a few size changes over the years. American Crafts brand "Design A" style page protectors have the same issue, and though Echo Park's Photo Freedom sleeves were the best I'd found before the brand I'm about to show you, even they required a tiny amount of trimming for one of the pockets in order to fit one of their 3x4 pre-printed cards.

Enter the Pocket Pages system by Me and My Big Ideas (MAMBI), which you may recall seeing in my post about the new products at Michaels in April.



I fell in love with the little card sets and bought several of them up, and then last week I decided to give the page protectors a try, too, just to see if the vertical pockets were a true 3"x4" size. Spoiler Alert: They are!

The page protectors are available in two variety packs, one with a mix of classic "Design A" style pages along with protectors for 4x6 vertical and 3x4 horizontal elements. The second pack has a version of Design A that's rotated 90 degrees along with a fantastic new mix of 4x6 horizontal and 3x4 vertical pockets that I haven't seen from any other manufacturer yet. Both packs retail for $6.99 US at Michaels stores, and unfortunately I haven't seen them at any other retailers yet.





Previously I've compared page protectors on video during my monthly Project Life installments at Two Peas, but this time I just took a series of photos showing that a 3x4 piece of paper does indeed fit in the 3x4 vertical pockets all the way across the page. It also fit in all the 3x4 pockets of the other designs, but I thought that these four photos would be proof enough. :)





It's such a simple thing, but it made me absolutely giddy when 3x4 cards (these are from one of the MAMBI sets) actually fit into the pockets as advertised, no trimming required!


If you'd like to see a similar comparison on video of Becky Higgins Project Life, American Crafts, and Echo Park Photo Freedom protectors, you'll find that in the first two minutes of the video below.

I'm planning on taking a similar look at the Design A style page protectors by We R Memory Keepers when I can get my hands on them, and I'll be sure to post the results here, as well!