Monday, May 13, 2013

project life at two peas in a bucket | may 2013

This past Saturday it was my turn again to host the weekly Project Life video at Two Peas, and for this installment I decided to take a look at the different ways that I use stamping on my Project Life layouts.

There are so many stampers who do gorgeous, artistic work with inks, photopolymer, and rubber. Alas, I'm not one of them, so I just do basic stuff- heat embossing and inking my own journaling cards and embellishments and using little images and phrases to add a finishing touch here or there on my pages. There's likely nothing new here for experienced stampers to learn, but I'm hoping that some beginners and people who have been a bit nervous to try stamping on their pages will find the inspiration to start trying it out. You can see the full video and lesson here, and by a happy coincidence, Two Peas is having a Spring Stamp Sale with most stamp sets marked down by 25% right now! I honestly had no idea that was coming as the Garden Girls aren't informed in advance about sales!

project life 2013 week 12.jpg




This week included my birthday, which got an insert all its own. when I do inserts I typically make them very simple. For the most parts the photos are always printed to fill the pockets, and I go very light on the embellishment if I include any at all. For me inserts are just a ways to get in some extra photos for the week- I get enough embellishing-and-designing fun out of the two main pages themselves. :)



And I'll include a few close-ups, just for good measure. :)





I want to take a moment to thank all the Peas who contributed to this thread on the Two Peas message board where I asked for input in Project Life topics you'd like to see. Stamping came up several times, and I plan on addressing more of the topics mentioned in the coming months. Feel free to chime in there or here in the comments if you have questions or Project Life topics you'd like to see covered in a video!