Monday, May 27, 2013

project life 2012 | week 49

This was one colorful week, both photo and paper-wise! With photos from Christmas trees at work, home, and on a Christmas tree walk in town, not to mention that bright wrapping paper from Target, I wasn't sure which color scheme to go with here, so I chose all of them!

project life 2012 week 49.jpg


I already had the Take Note collection by Doodlebug out on my desk when I started this page since I'd just finished using it on this layout for Two Peas, and since those colorful rainbow bits didn't really have a chance to shine on that page, I thought I'd give things another go using just this bright collection and not mixing it with anything else. I'm not sure that it actually matched anything here, but it certainly was fun to use!






There's only one layout in my 2012 album that still isn't scrapped- the week of Christmas. And, honestly? I'm not feeling the Christmas vibe at the moment, so I'll wait until the mood strikes to work on it. I made a deal with myself when I got back into Project Life to not worry about being behind on Project Life, ever, and so far, so good, more than a year and a half later. Being caught up is seriously overrated! :)