Saturday, May 11, 2013

geek girl | may 11, 2013

Happy Saturday, geeklings!! I'm bringing you Geek Girl a bit early again this week since the Citrus Twist Kits May reveal is tomorrow. I have four layouts to share then, and I wanted to give each post a bit of breathing room!

Just as I was wrapping up the collage for this week's picks, some great news came down the from the vast reaches of the interwebs, and instead of replacing two of the items from today's roundup, I decide just to throw the extras in right up front. The first fun new bit is that the first full chapter of Star Wars: Crucible is available to read for free! The book itself is due out on July 9, and this is a great way to preview what the next adventure will look like for the Big 3.

The second particularly awesome bit of news is that The Last Ship, starring Adam Baldwin (and also some guy that everyone keeps referring to as McSteamy), has been officially picked up by TNT! We'll have to wait until the summer of 2014 for the actual premiere, but I have a feeling that Adam Baldwin in uniform is worth the wait. ;) Check out the trailer below!

And now let's jump into the rest of this week's geeky roundup!

gg may 12

From the top left:

  • Black Milk is rolling out even more Star Wars designs in their clothing line, including AT-AT leggings and a Darth Vader swimsuit!
  • Bit Rebels has rounded up a list of awesome Ghostbusters Lego builds.
  • This beautiful Doctor Who 50th anniversary watch is a timepiece worthy of any Time Lord!
  • Legos, snark, and mythical sea monsters collide in this KR-KN build, hailed as the "Destroyer Destroyer."
  • A comic book artist with a heart of gold designed this AT-AT walker for a little boy who was recovering from surgeries on both of his legs. What's that? No, I just have something in my eye...sniff!
  • These new limited-edition Star Wars iPhone 5 cases are currently available for preorder at Firebox.
  • I think that I need one of these amazing test tube chandeliers in my house!
  • Jen at Epbot has rounded up some of the cutest, most squee-inducing geeky plush crafts on the web!
  • Amazing Jabba the Hutt + Han Solo in carbonite coffee + cookie art this way!