Sunday, May 12, 2013

citrus twist kits may reveal

The May kits from Citrus Twist are officially live on the site, which means that I can share what I've been doing with them for the last month! I made a total of five layouts with these kits with five more that I want to do planned in my scrap room floor- I just haven't gotten to them yet! Four of those pages are traditional layouts that I'll post today, and then I'll share my Project Life layout later this month.

You may have already spotted this first page over on the Citrus Twist blog, along with a tutorial for making those washi tape die cuts. I'll be reposting that tutorial here later this week, just because I like to bring all of my work "home" if possible. 


The photo here is from Star Wars Celebration VI, where I was excited to catch up with Jen Yates (of Epbot and Cake Wrecks fame) in her brand her Lady Vadore costume!


I started this next layout thinking that I wanted to use a full sheet of that gorgeous yellow sunburst paper as the background, but after playing around with it a bit I finally decided that it was just too much of a distraction to have all that pattern in the background and settled for a 5" strip of it across the top of the page instead. After that, everything else came together fairly quickly!


Photos from the first afternoon of our trip to Aruba a little over two years ago (in other words, way too long ago). Still the best vacation ever in my mind!


Kasia always comes up with the best sketches for us to use, and it was a blast to put together this next layout using her pie chart-scattered sketch. The washi die cuts make another appearance here (thanks to Laina Lamb's Pie Chart dies that I am totally addicted to), and while the black ink splatters kind of got away from me (I wanted bigger splotches and not little droplets), I really don't mind them.


The photo here is a random selfy from BodyPump class, where I became a total weightlifting addict. It was something I did 3-4 days a week for more than two years, and now that I've switched over to lifting on a power rack instead, I'm really glad to have this little bit of documentation of something I used to do.


My last layout to share today was the last one that I made before turning my assignments in, and also probably my favorite of the batch. I started with the "Be Silly, Be Honest, Be Kind" transparency in the main kit with the thought of making it part of my layout title. I flipped through my album of printed photos, looking for a picture that might work with the theme, and came across this one that was just perfect. I added the "and Bring Me a Donut" lettering to finish the title and layered up some paper and embellishments to finish it off.


The photo is from the airport in Nassau (these layouts are making it sound like I travel a lot more than I actually do) when Darren went to go see if the Dunkin Donuts had wifi I could use. They didn't, but when he came back to tell me that, he brought along an apple cinnamon donut, which happens to be my absolute favorite. Yeah, he's a keeper- and when he walked into my scrap room while I was working on this page, he was really happy about that little "You Are Awesome" tab peeking out. :)


That's it for my layouts this month, though if I find time to get to some of the others I have planned out, I'll definitely be posting those, too!

I also put together a video of all the contents of the kits for the Citrus Twist YouTube channel...

...and I'll leave you with some photos of them, as well.

Main Kit - "Sun Kissed"

May Main Kit (640x427)

Patterned Paper Kit - "Hopscotch"

May Pattern Paper Kit (640x427)

Embellishment Kit - "This Way, That Way"

May embellie kit (640x452)

Project Life Kit - "Flight of Whimsy"

May Project Life kit (640x427)

Add-On Kit - "Sunny Delight"

May Kit Add-On (640x427)

Happy Sunday, everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by!