Sunday, April 28, 2013

geek girl | april 28, 2013

It's been a rainy, rainy day here in my little corner of the world, which made for absolutely perfect Doctor Who viewing! We don't have an actual television set in the house and watch everything either on our computers in our respective offices or on a projector in the living room/dining room/home theater/library (tiny house :) ) if we're watching something together. Doctor Who is definitely one of those "together" shows, and normally we have to wait until evening to use the projector (we have massive windows in the living room and very little control over the ambient light, and the projector image is almost impossible to see if the room isn't dark), but with today's rainy, overcast day, we had a chance for a rare noontime Who-viewing! And I thought that this week's episode was one of the best so far!

And now that I've subjected you to a rather long ramble about the things we have to schedule around when planning to watch our favorite shows, how about I get on with it and introduce you to this week's geeky roundup!

gg april 28

From the top left:

  • You shall not pass. Unless it's your birthday and Gandalf is on your cake.
  • I'm not a huge fan of leggings, but I'm really, really tempted to pick up this TARDIS pair! There's also a Boba Fett version if you click through the link.
  • Now you can express your nerdy side while getting your daily caffeine fix with this Lego brick mug.
  • Last week's roundup featured a sweet Calvin and Hobbes wedding, and this week there's a set of photos featuring the mischievous duo in real-life photographs. So cute!
  • This Boba Fett mixer will stir, cream, and beat, but, alas, no disintegerations.
  • Nerd Approved rounds up five everday ways to include a little TARDIS in your life.
  • If the it's bigger on the inside, then I do not want to know how many calories there are in one of these TARDIS cake pops!
  • If the cake pops weren't enough, Nerdalicious has five more yummy TARDIS desserts waiting for you.
  • The Legoland Discovery Center in Chicago recently opened a Star Wars miniland based on The Phantom Menace. Club Jade has the full report.
And, finally, in tonight's video, Harrison Ford is...well...just watch...