Sunday, April 14, 2013

geek girl | april 14, 2013

Hola, happy Sunday, and happy Tax Day Eve to those who happen to live in the US! I've been busy this weekend getting our returns all ready to send in, but I did take a geeky break tonight to watch the latest Doctor Who and, of course, post this week's Geek Girl!

gg april 14

From the top left:

  • Kre-O, makers of Lego-compatible building sets, is releasing several models based on the upcoming Star Trek : Into Darkness. You can also get a look at the new Enterprise model here.
  • These insanely awesome Star Wars cookies hail from Nerdache (where she also does some awesome papercrafts, as well). 
  • Amy Atlas featured an adorable Little Scientist dessert table.
  • Nerd Approved shares images of your favorite superheroes re-imagined Pixar style.
  • You've never seen transferware like this! The iconic blue tableware gets a geeky makeover in this post at Nerdalicious.
  • I've got a trio of Doctor Who picks to share in honor of the rocking start to season 7.2! First up is a fan-made stained glass TARDIS lantern.
  • I so need to add this (10th?) Doctor pony to my old My Little Pony collection (provided I can find said collection first!). 
  • Minion Factory (such a cool blog name) shares several Doctor Who inspired cereal ideas, including the quite creepy Angel Hal-Os. Don't blink while eating breakfast.
  • These Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy cookies have the high-points of the five book trilogy (yes, I did just say that!) covered!