Sunday, March 24, 2013

geek girl | march 24, 2013

Happy Sunday, geeky peeps!

Have you spotted the new poster for Disney's Star Wars Weekends yet? It's definitely more "Disney-meets-Star-Wars" than "Star-Wars-meets-Disney," which is what I was a bit afraid of when I first heard that the Mouse had purchased the franchise, but I'll try not to judge the whole thing based on one poster...for now.


We have other summer vacation plans, so once again I won't be in attendance ::le sigh:: - one of these years!

And now for MacGyver, Precious Moments, and...pirate tights? This might just be the most random Geek Girl post ever!

From the top left:
  • Geek Style site White Hot Room puts together an Imperial-inspired wardrobe.
  • Shirtoid combines The Lord of the Rings with an unlikely partner- Precious Moments!- in an absolutely adorable design.
  • Firefly fans will love this Doctor Who mashup featuring the TARDIS in one of the more daring heists from the series.
  • Do you think that this TARDIS scarf is warmer on the inside?
  • NerdAlert's Etsy shop is filled with geeky couture, including this Harry Potter Marauder's Map skirt! 
  • Nerdalicious found and linked up a beautiful Doctor Who wedding cake.
  • I have no idea where I would wear them, but I want these pirate tights!
  • How sweet is this adorable Wall-E cake?
  • You, too, can be MacGyver with this amazing multitool...which I think I have a few hundred of in my desk drawer. :)
The interwebs have also graced us with another Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer...though I'm actually more excited about the fact that Series 3 of Sherlock is officially filming now, and Series 4 is on contract!

And, for even more fun, here's a Lego version of one of the many Star Trek trailers we've been treated to so far!