Friday, March 8, 2013

citrus twist spring blog hop

Hi, all, and welcome to the Citrus Twist Kits spring blog hop! We've all got spring cleaning on the brain and will be showing off our scrap spaces and organization today, along with a few sneak peeks of the new kits being unveiled next Monday. There are prizes up for grabs, too, and if you leave a comment on all the designer's blogs (any comment will do, including guesses as to what's in the kit) plus the Citrus Twist blog (to let them know you've entered), you'll be in the running for one of two $10 gift certificates to the Citrus Twist shop! Comments close for the giveaways on March 12th, and the winners will be announced on the CTK blog on March 15th.

Just a bit of housekeeping before I start- if you arrived here from Kasia Tomaszewska's blog, then you're on the right track. If you're lost or simply want to go back to the beginning of the hop, jump over to the Citrus Twist blog.

I'll start things off with a peek at what's coming in the kit reveal on Monday! This sneak includes bits of the March Main + the Project Life kits. And that gold glitter paper? It cuts like butter in the Silhouette!


And now, on to the organization bit.

My scrap room really hasn't changed much since I completely revamped it in January 2012 (you can see that here), with the exception of moving my desk around and installing a Murphy bed (the space also doubles as a guest room) as you can see in these photos and also re-doing my small embellishment storage. Honestly at this point I have things pretty much the way I want them, and, aside from purging some older products that are no longer my style, I'm not doing much reorganizing. There's actually an excellent article about that on Organized Home called Consider Where The Shoe Pinches that basically advocates finding the problem areas in your space and working on those while leaving the things that do work alone. In other words, if it isn't broken, don't mess with it!

So lately I've just been enjoying my space without doing all the heavy reorganizing you've seen me go through in the past. There was one spot, though, that was giving me trouble around the beginning of the year, and I thought I'd share a small update I made to my Project Life organization- specifically the journaling cards.


For the past year I've been working with all of my Project Life supplies in a cute little tray (shown here), but with a sudden influx of new Project Life-friendly products (journaling card pads, cut apart sheets, etc.), my collection quickly outgrew that tray. Somewhere on Pinterest (I hate saying that, but every time I tried to trace the photo back to its original source I got a "page not found" error) (Update: a huge thank you to Carolyn for sending me the proper link!) I spotted a great solution for storing these items using an Antonius divided insert from IKEA. I picked up several (they're only $3.00 each), and now I have my Project Life cards arranged by color (ROYGBIV), size (3x4 and 4x6- I'm still working on organizing tags and smaller bits) and function (filler, pattern, and journaling). I didn't go nuts and do it all at once, but as I find these packs or cut-apart sheets in my stash I'm adding them in, and it's already proven to be very useful!


That's it for my stop on our little hop. Nathalie Leonelli is next on the list with another sneak and another peek at the CTK design team's scrap spaces and the March kits!