Wednesday, March 13, 2013

announcing the spring 2013 mid release roundup page

So many releases from CHA Winter 2013 have only recently hit the shops, with many more still to ship! And in the middle of all that, the mid-season releases are already starting to pop up! I'll be rounding them all up on this page (also linked in the nav bar under my blog header), using the same format as I did with the CHA Winter 2013 sneak peeks.

I don't expect we'll have nearly as many new releases as there are when CHA rolls around, but I'll update the page as soon as I find things.

And since I'm still trying really hard to use up stash and not shop, I'm doing my best to not get too attached to any of the new goodies. So far the new Lakeside collection from Pebbles, though, is a must have- it has a woodgrain, a map, and a constellation print! You'll find it and several more new releases linked up over on the Mid-Release Roundup.


Happy Wednesday, everyone!