Saturday, February 2, 2013

bruce willis, two peas, and valentine's day


The Valentine's Day edition of the monthly Two Peas Garden Girls' layout releases went live yesterday, and my contribution included scrapbooked Die Hard movie posters...framed with pink and red paper and chipboard flowers. :)



When Jamie first assigned us all a Valentine's Day layout, my first thought was literally, "uh-oh." Because I have zero Valentine's Day photos. No dinners out, no parents may have some cute Valentine's photos from when my brother and I were kids, but I have none of them here at the house.

So when I saw the trailer for the new Die Hard movie, though, with a release date of February 14th, I had to laugh, because if we were to do anything for Valentine's Day that would so be it! Except that neither of us likes going to the theater, which is a whole other story. So February 14th will likely be the day that I simply remember that Die Hard 5 (5?!?!?) is coming out, be slightly whiny for 2.3 seconds that I'm not going to see it, and then remember that last time I was at the theater someone crinkled a candy wrapper throughout the entirety of Dumbledore's funeral in the last Harry Potter movie. And that the time before that at Transformers: Dark of the Moon someone in the row behind me spilled a massively large coke on the floor and completely soaked my purse...with my iPad in it. (Both were okay in the end.) And then I'll just add the movie to my Netflix queue and look forward to the release of the latest Bond movie, Skyfall (which I also didn't see in the theater) on Blu-Ray next month.


I used Google Image search to find both of the movie posters that I used on this page- I just imported the images into Lightroom and printed them up like they were any other photo I might scrap. The products are a mix of older and new- there's some Echo Park For the Record 2 along with just a touch of Crate Paper's new Fourteen collection- I bought just the cut-apart sheets with journaling cards and tags to mix in. You can read more about my thought process behind the page and product selections over in the Two Peas gallery.



Speaking of Two Peas, there's a huge sale going on there right now! Lots of releases from prior to CHA Winter 2013 are marked down, which is great for those of you in a shopping mood! Perhaps not so great for me because it means that they're being phased out of the store, and just when I'd pulled them all together to use for my Garden Layouts this year! So, new plan for that- I'll be doing just what I did on this layout. Choosing a new collection and then showing how bits and pieces of it work with older items.

In the meantime, here are just a few of the great sales in the shop right now...