Wednesday, February 20, 2013

layout | every single day {lily bee}


I was up on the Lily Bee blog yesterday with a challenge layout for their blog focus this week on scrapbooking your everyday routine.  And, now that I look at this page, it's kind of similar in structure to my layout for Lawn Fawn yesterday, though not exactly the same. Sometimes a page design can start from a good framework- a centered design in this case- and then branch out and make some changes to shake things up a little!



I decided to go in a slightly different direction with the theme since I've already documented something that I love doing on a daily basis (exercise, on a layout for Two Peas) and my Project Life album has daily life pretty much covered.

As I was flipping through my photo binder to find pictures that might fit the theme, I came across this pair or photos taken just four days apart, both showing Darren reading with one of the cats nearby. And this is the guy who claims he hates cats- riiiiiight. ;) It's something that happens pretty often around our little casa, so I made it the focus of my page- daily routine can also equal something that routinely happens.



And now I'm feeling the need to simultaneously pick up a good book to read and hug a cat. Griffin (in the bottom photo on the layout), actually passed away last summer, but Tigger has turned into an excellent lap cat since then. When he's not being crazy and trying to attack the bookcase...