Saturday, January 19, 2013

project life 2013 class @ two peas in a bucket : january

I've got a bit of a case of nerves going on here right now because my very first video class for Two Peas in a Bucket's Project Life 2013 series went live today!

I've been doing videos here on my own blog for a few months now, but never with voice. Two Peas, however, specified no music, so I had! And I should warn you that once I started talking, I didn't stop. I started off covering my philosophy on scrapping Project Life, chatted a bit about organization, and then scrapped the page below in real-time (with some boring bits in the middle edited out).

project life 2012 week 37.jpg


I talked as I scrapped, so no voice-overs! And for convenience I split the lesson in to two videos, so you have the option of getting some organizational tips, seeing the crafty part, or both! You can find the videos and a challenge to go along with the lesson here at Two Peas in a Bucket.

project life 2012 week 37 left.jpg

project life 2012 week 37 right.jpg

This video was also my first run at using this guy...


...which contained three of these guys and a bunch of other parts...


...that I put together to make these!


Yes, I bought a set of softboxes (only two of the three are assembled) to help with the lighting situation in my scrap room (it's not bad, but my overhead fixture is to my left as I scrap and was casting lots of shadows on camera). At first I had the lights aimed down at the desk, but that created a lot of glare on the Project Life page protectors. I found that having indirect light worked just as well, minus the glare. They're collapsible, too (I bought the set here on Amazon if you're interested), so I don't have to leave them up all the time.

As nervous as I am that the Peas are going to pelt me with rotten tomatoes for making a video that's 48 minutes long (it's split into two 24 minute segments, though), I have to admit that I'm actually excited to start making the next one already! I'm planning on covering my photo workflow and some very basic photo editing (along with scrapping a new layout, of course!) next time around, and if you have any suggestions for Project Life topics you'd like to see covered between now and the end of the year, please sound off in the comments and let me know!