Monday, January 7, 2013

project life 2012 | week 43 (and I'm going to cha!)

I've probably made half a dozen Project Life layouts in the last couple of weeks, but in some cruel twist of fate they were all done as assignments, and I can't post them just yet! I was determined to have something to share today, though, so over the weekend I picked up the same stack of supplies that I used to make my layout for the January Garden at Two Peas in a Bucket. Some people make cards with leftover layout supplies while they're still out on their desk, and making Project Life pages is kind of my version of that.

project life 2012 week 43.jpg


There was a lot going on this week- I spent most of it in Ohio for work and then spent a couple of days at my parents' house for Dad's birthday (which we finished off with a round of dancing to Star Wars Kinect). It was a happy, full week, and all of these bright colors were just perfect for it!



I dove right in to my experiment with printing on my journaling cards (one of my Project Life goals for 2013), and I love it!! I used a combination of Christine Newman's (listgirl) and Liz Tamanaha's (Paislee Press) tutorials, but instead of Photoshop I set up my template in Pages (Apple's word processing program). The initial set up took a little bit of time, but now that it's done the process is really quick and easy, and maybe even a little bit faster than when I was writing everything by hand! I love being able to look at the amount of space I have and plan and edit my words instead of just diving in with a pen and praying that I don't run out of journaling space. I do still include little bits of my writing here and there, and I feel like I have a good mix going on now.





Okay, I have to run now and do about a million things at once, because suddenly I have a to-do list a mile long now that I've scheduled a last-minute trip to CHA! I'll have my own press badge this time around (thanks to all of my wonderful readers who helped my blog stats reach that goal!) and will be sharing lots of photos after the show (I will only be there two days and want to spend as much time taking photos as possible, so I won't be taking time out to write while there). For instant, from-the-floor updates, be sure to follow May Flaum on both Instagram and her blog. She's going to be posting lots of eye candy for you all to see!

And, as I do before every CHA show I attend, I want to ask all of you to chime in if there's anything in particular you'd like me to cover. I love taking requests!