Thursday, January 24, 2013

new valentine's scrapbooking items at target, including a date stamp!

This is probably old news by now, but in the midst of all the pretty new stuff from CHA that for the most part has not hit store shelves yet, I thought it would be nice to post photos of something that's available in Target stores right now.

In late December I ran across a thread on Two Peas about some new Valentine's scrapbooking supplies at Target, and what really caught my attention was the mention of two of my favorite little words to hear strung together- date stamp. Of course, my Target took a bit longer than most to stock the new goodies, so it wasn't until near the end of the first week in January that I finally spotted what everyone else had been excitedly talking about!


Target has indeed brought in a selection of new Valentine's Day scrapbooking supplies including a mix of items from American Crafts and K&Company. And I was quite pleased to find the aforementioned roller date stamp on the display, with years dating all the way back to 2007, no less!


I pulled out my iPhone to take some shots of the other goodies that are available. My Target hadn't quite finished filling the display yet, so there's a pretty good gap in the middle, but you get the idea!




There are paper pads as well as embellishments, including some die cut and project-specific papers.





And, yes, the CHA booth tours are continuing! I've got two planned for today and then will continue with at least one per day (sometimes two) until they're all finished!