Sunday, January 6, 2013

geek girl | january 6, 2013

It seems that the recent Doctor Who Christmas special (and oh, how I loved it!) has brought the TARDIS and all things Whovian back into the spotlight after a brief break. There's lots of the Doctor in today's roundup, along with some fun Star Wars picks- especially for the readers in the audience!

From the top left:
  • This lovely (and completely handmade!) replica of River Song's sonic screwdriver will set you back quite a lot, but it's lovely to gaze at in any case. (via Nerd Approved)
  • Younglings learning to snowboard at the Sierra-at-Tahoe ski resort will find they have some company from a galaxy far, far away. (via Suvudu)
  • If you haven't yet picked up Timothy Zahn's new novel, Scoundrels (I haven't even bought it yet- don't know what's wrong with me!), you can check out a 50 page excerpt at Suvudu.
  • Set to release in late March, this set of First Class stamps from the Royal Mail depicts all 11 incarnations of Doctor Who, plus a miature stamp sheet featuring several well-known villains along with the TARDIS. (via Doctor Who News)
  • Checkout out this painstakingly handcrafted silver TARDIS pendant at Miriel Design.
  • Disney has announced dates for the 2013 round of Star Wars weekends, along with host information.
  • Looking for a bit more reading? Knights Archive reports that the first chapter of the upcoming Last of the Jedi novel is now available online.
  • In quite possibly the first Star Wars/A Christmas Story mashup ever, Gordon Tarpley has recreated the latter movie's iconic lamp using C3PO's leg. (via Tie Fighters)
  • Fashionably Geek linked up this fun Doctor Who "The Game of Time" t-shirt.