Sunday, January 13, 2013

geek girl | january 13, 2013

I've stumbled upon a few new-to-me geeky blogs lately, including the spectacular When Geeks Wed. If you immediately think of cheesy, themed chapels in Vegas when geeky weddings are mentioned, then you really need to check this blog out! And I can guarantee that you'll be seeing some of my favorite posts pop up in the weekly roundups from now on.

And, speaking of weekly roundups, here's today's dose of geekery!

From the top left:
  • I told you that When Geeks Wed impressed me! I'm starting things off today with their report on this lovely TARDIS ring box.
  • Fantasy Flight Games is debuting a new Star Wars card game. Unlike Pokemon-style games where certain cards are more rare than others, the entire game comes in one box. 
  • Check out this fantastic upcycled Darth Vader mask at Tie Fighters.
  • The Gamelogical Society has put together a clever little simulator to predict the success of the upcoming Star Wars sequels. Choose your writer, director, and star and find out just how big a debacle Disney is going to have on its hands with the new film!
  • I spotted these adorable Doctor Who pups in a TARDIS cart on I Can Has Cheezburger.
  • Augmented reality makes this model TARDIS look like it really is bigger on the inside!
  • Fashionably Geek reports on a Lego purse that actually looks somewhat...fashionable!
  • Jen at Epbot shows how to DIY your own Companion Cube portals.
  • Back to the Future Lego sets have been officially announced! Learn more at