Thursday, January 17, 2013! (but just to the blog)

If you read my blog via email or through an RSS Reader, then you may not have ever seen its old look...

Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 9.55.30 PM.jpg

...and if you decide to click through now, you'll find that the old look has been replaced with a much cleaner, fresher template!

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 7.54.01 PM.jpg

I loved my hexagon background and fun, scrappy-looking layered header, but I've been wanting a less cluttered look for a while now and finally decided to give the site a facelift!

I turned to the fabulous folks at Designer Blogs, where I was able to choose one of their premade Blogger templates. Their techs did all the work- from designing the header to installing the template and linking up all my social media buttons- for a surprisingly low rate. In less than a week from the time I placed my order I had a completely updated blog, and I couldn't be any happier with it! I totally recommend them if you're looking for a reasonably priced blog design package.

Along with the update to this blog, there are a few new changes to my little corner of the web. First, I've started a Facebook page! It's nothing fancy, but if you want a way to get notifications of new posts in your Facebook feed (I also cross-post to Twitter if you prefer that route), then click on through to "Like" the page for The Scrappy Jedi!

Second...and I thought long and hard about this one...I've started another blog for personal photos and stories- The Life and Times of the Scrappy Jedi. I love, love, love posting all of that stuff here, but I'd been trying to do it on just Saturdays, and lately even my Saturdays are being taken up with Citrus Twist kit reveals, Garden Girl blog hops, and Project Life video lessons for Two Peas in a Bucket. It was getting to the point that I was considering leaving things out (like my niece's Christmas pageant), and it was making me quite sad to think about that. So, on the new blog I can post all of those things to my heart's content (and have no shame about posting Christmas photos in February or vacation photos six months after I've arrived back home). There's nothing over there at the moment, and I don't have a regular schedule for posting- it's just my free space. I will always come back here, though, and let you know when I've shared something there, just in case you want to click through and check it out (and it'll also keep this blog as the hub of my little cyber-life). I also used one of Designer Blogs $15 self-install templates for that site- another great option for inexpensive blog design!

All of the other content that I post to this blog is staying here, including Geek Girl! CHA photos and also trips to Star Wars Celebration (hey, it's only every two years) will also remain here as this blog is as much geeky as it is scrappy. Plus posting those pictures here is kind of how I qualify for press credentials. :)

Speaking of geeky, I had thought (and been just the tiniest bit sad) that all traces of geekiness were being erased from my blog design itself with the redo...until I emailed Darren to let him know the new template was live. His reply was so utterly perfect that I must quote it verbatim, including the small poem he wrote,

"Sweet! It looks nice. The title font looks a little like the language of Mordor written on the Ring of Power. 
One Blog to rule them all, One Blog to find them,
One Blog to bring them all and in the scrapbook bind them."

If you don't get the reference, I recommend watching or reading The Lord of the Rings post-haste!

One last thing that the blog overhaul is allowing me to have is larger photos! I've been wanting that for a while, especially with CHA coverage on the horizon.

Actually, why don't we start that coverage now? In 3...2...1...