Wednesday, January 9, 2013

an international magazine pub

The upcoming CHA show has had me scrapping quite a bit lately, with both items for the show and projects for regular assignments racing across my scrapping desk. Unfortunately, like those Project Life layouts that I mentioned on Monday, I can't share any of it just yet! As a result this week will be a bit lighter on the creative side, but you'll see more projects start to pop up next week- along with coverage of all the new goodies debuted at CHA, of course!

I don't usually share my magazine publications here...though the fact that there have only been two of them ever might have something to do with that. :) I don't normally submit to magazines because I'd rather share them here with you guys as soon as I can rather than holding them back, submitting them, and waiting to see what happens. When I was approached by the Russian scrapbook magazine Scrap-Info, though, with a request to submit a Project Life layout for an upcoming article, I just couldn't turn it down! I mean, a chance to see my name in Cyrillic? Yes, please!


I turned my assignment in (thank goodness I could just send photos of my work and not mail the pages themselves to Moscow!) way back in June of last year, and over the weekend this beauty showed up in the mail! And, yes, Mom and Dad, I have a second copy for you, too. :)



The article is a Project Life-focused interview with both Leena Loh and I, and the fact that I can't read a word of it (though Darren, who speaks quite a bit of Russian, can!) hasn't dampened the excitement at all.


Thanks for stopping by today! I'll be back tomorrow with a new Lawn Fawn layout, and also a little behind-the-scenes look at what it's sometimes like to prepare projects for CHA. :)