Wednesday, October 10, 2012

star wars celebration vi album cover page


I'm still in the middle of choosing photos to print (be sure to check the end of this post for a Snapfish coupon code!) for my Star Wars Celebration VI album, but I've had a set of five Instagram prints on my desk and ready to scrap for the last couple of weeks now. When I came across this fantastic sketch from Let's Capture These Sketches, I just had to get them on a layout!

I stretched the sketch out by adding more photos and more pennants across the page, and I also moved the title over to the right- it just seemed to fit better over there with all the extra photo action going on, plus there was already a bit of embellishment on the left.


This is going to be the title page for my Star Wars Celebration VI album, and it's one of the few times I've actually made a title page for a full 12x12 album (I think that Week in the Life was the only other time). Believe it or not, my "normal" albums don't have title pages- just a year on the spine and then the first page jumps straight into the layouts!


You'll be seeing a lot of these same photos on the Project Life layout I'll be posting next Monday. I have no problem duplicating photos between traditional layouts and my Project Life album- they're two very different methods of documentation, and even if I use the same photos in both places I still tend to tell a different type of story in each.


Back on the subject of photo print deals- Snapfish has a coupon code out right now (valid through October 15, 2012) for 100 4x6 prints for $5.89 shipped in the US (use code WOWPRINTS). It's not listed on the Snapfish offers page, but I've seen it on several other sites including Frugal Finders. I love deals like this because not only do I get a good price on prints, but the expiration date gives me a deadline of sorts to work with- instead of the nebulous to-do item of "print photos" I have a quantifiable goal of "choose enough photos for 100 prints by October 15th." I work so much more efficiently that way!

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