Monday, October 29, 2012

project life 2012 | week 32

I tried something just a little different with Week 32 of my Project Life album- I got out my typewriter. I've been admiring how awesome Michelle Wooderson's Project Life pages look when she uses her vintage typewriter to add text to labels and journaling cards, and I thought that it might help clean up my layouts a bit since my handwriting is anything but neat.

So, how did it turn out? Let's take a look.

project life 2012 week 32.jpg

The first few cards and labels went fine, except I kept making typos! It's so much easier to correct a bad keystroke on a computer before printing something out, but it's not quite so easy to just hit the Backspace key and erase an erroneous letter on a typewriter- oops!! I had to settle for the "backspace-and-type-over-with-the-right-character-several-times-and-hope-it-works-out" method in more than a few places. Still, I do like the look of the typewritten text- and it lets me fit so much more on a small card!


It was on the second page of cards that things went terribly, terribly awry. The first few were fine, but then my typewriter (an old electric version) went completely nuts. And by nuts I mean I would hit the "A" key, and an "N" would type instead. It was as if the entire alphabet just scrambled itself for no reason, and not even a "reboot" (meaning I unplugged the typewriter and then plugged it back in) would clear it. I was kind of disgusted with the whole thing at this point, so I put the typewriter back on the shelf and just wrote out my last card by hand. And, guess what? By the time I got to that last card, my handwriting wasn't looking so bad to me after all. :)


I might revisit the typewriter again at some point for my Project Life pages (if I can ever unscramble its ABCs), but next time I'll use it in smaller amounts. It is nice to have for the small labels especially since I think it makes them more legible when I include long-ish text on them.

It's always fun to experiment with my scrapbook pages, even if it is just to finally put to rest a technique that I've had in my head for a while- it clears brain space for my next crazy idea!

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